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A yoga class that makes me want to get out of my bed on a Saturday morning.  You can feel the good energy when you walk in the door and hear the cheery, sweet “morning” greeting from Therese in her Irish accent. The studio is spacious, bright, clean and well ventilated.  Therese’s class is fun, challenging and lighthearted.  She encourages us to work and laugh hard.  I’ve taken many classes in the Portland area, Therese’s class is top notch and right up there with the best of the best. I encourage folks wanting to try yoga to go there, you will feel at home immediately-Barb (Sandy)

Celtic Spirit yoga is so much fun! Not your average yoga studio. I never knew yoga could be such a great work out, as well as emotionally healing. Everyone is encouraged to practice in the way that is right for them, but always given the option for help in attaining new goals. Therese always makes you feel welcome & is able to attend to each student at various levels all while giving you a different experience each class. You can tell Therese has had many years of teaching experience with a natural way of coaching you to never give up on your goals. Her style of teaching represents using your own unique strengths to try new styles and poses, and you never feel lost as she is constantly moving around the room as an example, and making sure every student knows how to do the exercises. Great environment where you can come enjoy at your own pace. Focused on teaching you a safe way to learn yoga while challenging yourself to achieve things you never knew you could do! Come and try a class, you will laugh, feel accomplished, and meet a great group of people. -Ashley (Sandy)


Yoga has changed my life. A year ago I decided I wanted to try yoga to increase my balance, flexibility, and to relieve stress. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up or that the class would move so quickly that I would be lost. Therese has a teaching style that is welcoming to a newcomer, but also challenges advanced students. She is creative and caring. You will leave class feeling that you have challenged yourself to your own level, but you will also leave feeling relaxed and centered. I have had several friends start to take Therese’s class with me and they all agree that she is the best yoga instructor they have ever had. I would encourage you to step out and give Celtic Yoga and Therese a try. You won’t regret it!   -Caroline (Sandy)


I have been doing yoga for over 20 years, in classes and on my own. Now that we had settled at our farm in Gresham, I wanted to add a yoga class back into my life. I googled yoga in Gresham and came up with nothing. My husband and I were driving through Sandy one day and I saw this beautiful old white church and it said YOGA! I was so excited. I went home and googled it and there was the picture of the beautiful space and all kinds of classes that actually fit my schedule. (Sandy)


I attended my first class on a Saturday morning in October and Therese was a delight. I love that she has beautiful music on, that we do fun things and are able to laugh at ourselves during difficult moments. I love that we do a variety of things- I mean- how many times can you do “triangle pose”!!???? Anyway, I became a huge fan. Mireena is also a delightful, gentle teacher with a solid grounding in different forms of yoga and we always stretch AND strengthen! The restorative yoga workshops got even my reluctant husband to say “wow” and agree to come to a partners class! Celtic Spirit Yoga is a treasure in Sandy- I feel so lucky to have found it. -JD (Sandy)


I had always been attracted to the small white church in Sandy each time I passed by on the way to Mt. Hood. When I saw the sign outside, “Celtic Spirit Yoga,” I was even more intrigued. I’ve now been taking yoga classes with Therese and Mireena for 2 years. My knee pain is practically gone, in large part because of the strengthening and stretching yoga practice provides. The care and compassion of these two wonderful instructors, along with their comprehensive knowledge of yoga, has enriched my life and helped strengthen me both physically and spiritually. I’m most grateful. -K (Sandy)


Yoga has changed my life forever. It has shown me the inner strength that we can all access, once we know that it is there. Once you have realized this potential within yourself you will never look back. -Cheryl (Sandy)


The best way to describe Yoga with Therese and Celtic Spirit Yoga is the lovely blend of the sacred with lightness of being. Therese’s gentle humor and respect for people of all abilities makes each class a delight. Some yoga classes feel like work. But I always feel better after every class, with more ease and a sustainable feeling of energy. Every class is different. We never know what’s going to happen next. Before you know the class is over. I’ve been doing yoga with Therese for over 3 years at least once a week and sometimes twice a week and I hope she never retires!- Suzie W. (Happy Valley)


I have been attending Celtic Spirit Yoga classes on and off for many years. If I could use one word to describe my experience with Terese and her studio it would be “Kindness”. There is such sense of happiness and contentment in the environment that Therese has fostered. She is so genuinely kind and warm to EVERYONE. This is so so rare!! I not only look forward to practicing yoga with her but I just love to hear her speak. Her humor and optimism make everyone feel so comfortable. I am 51 and my daughter is 17. We both attend the same class and she somehow makes it challenging for both of us. I have tried many yoga classes and non are as wonderful as the ones Therese teaches. I feel so blessed to have her teaching so near to me – Yvonne (Happy Valley)


Well I’ll tell you, I was skeptical of the goings on inside the small white Church in our hometown of Sandy Oregon. I was intimidated by the fire breathing and the intense abdominal challenges. I was challenged both physically and mentally. We hummed and stretched and sang whilst focusing on our breath. I kept going back. I grew up going to these classes; Therese is an expert in balancing muscular work with mental work. She is welcoming, understanding and full of lovely vibes! She once welcomed my entire High School basketball team into her yoga studio. She has an amazing voice and has taught me to open up and she has always gleefully challenged and encouraged me.- D. M (Sandy)


I would describe myself as a life long yoga enthusiast who has practiced Yoga for over 30 years. I’ve been blessed by knowing several Yoga teachers and find that each teacher brings a unique perspective and style to their teaching that makes going to class fun and instructive. The group setting always brings with it lessons in patience, humility and humor as well.  Regarding Celtic Spirit Yoga in particular:  It provides a serene, relaxed environment for class, and the overall tone is extremely welcoming. The location in a former church lends an air of sacred space that I find meaningful and helpful when trying to bring more mindfulness and inner work into my yoga practice.  Upon entering Celtic Spirit Yoga at the end of a demanding day I let my defenses down and enter into a safe place, a space for renewal, exercise, and acceptance – Laura P. (Sandy)


I am a 50-year-old gal who started going to yoga class two years ago with my mom who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I thought I’d start going to support my mom, and gradually stop after she got comfortable with the instructor and the students…I was wrong! I considered myself fairly active, as I routinely took my dogs on a 30-minute walk. Going to Therese’s yoga class twice weekly has been such a joy mentally/spiritually and has given me a deeper sense of the mechanics of my body. My family continues to encourage me to continue taking my mom (we keep each other accountable) and have noticed an improvement in her flexibility, strength and balance. We consider Therese an integral part of our week. She keeps her classes ever-changing and amuses us with her delightful sense of humor!-Janet J (Happy Valley)